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Why Should You Use Real-time GPS Tracking?

Save Money. Increase Productivity. Improve Service.

rating and monitoring

Linxup delivers more than GPS tracking. The system rates and ranks the performance of your drivers. It identifies inefficient driving habits. Put simply, it allows you to deliver better service, reduce costs and make more money.

Reduce Fuel Usage & Idling

We help you identify fuel wasters such as excessive idling and speeding. With a little bit of insight, Linxup customers are reducing fuel use up to 20%.

rating and monitoring

Improve Fleet Performance

Get rid of unsafe driving behavior and streamline dispatch, routing, and driver activity.

rating and monitoring

Increase Driver Safety

Improve your fleet's performance with safety scores for every driver, real-time alerts for unsafe behavior, and the ability to locate vehicles when there's a breakdown.

rating and monitoring

Deliver Better Service

Provide accurate ETAs and efficiently dispatch and route the most convenient vehicle so you can cut down on wasted time between jobs and improve customer relations.

rating and monitoring

Save on Insurance

Fleet managers can reduce their premiums by insuring their vehicles under a single policy, and installing GPS tracking device in fleet vehicles can help reduce insurance premiums even further.

rating and monitoring