24 Hour Protection For Your Fleet

Whether driving or parked to improve safety and driver behavior. With our dash cam solution, you'll receive video or image alerts for:

  • Collisions
  • Nearby Movement
  • Breaking Glass
  • Harsh Braking

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Linxup Dash Cam with Plug-In Car Tracking Device

mini track device


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Linxup Dash Cam

How It Works

With 4G LTE connectivity, videos instantly upload to the cloud and are available via mobile app or web browser.

  • 24/7 cameras capture and record events around your fleet even when engines are off.
  • Easily download or share videos to your insurance provider or the police.
  • Live View lets you see into trucks and commercial vehicles and communicate with drivers in real-time.
  • Monitor distracted driving behavior and improve safety programs with dual camera views tied to real-time GPS data.
  • LED spotlight deters theft when motion detected, protecting your fleet and everything inside 24 hours a day.
  • Pair video with existing GPS alerts for speeding, geofences, and more to reduce liability and make better fleet management decisions.

Front and Rear Cameras

Show both traffic events and driver behavior to reduce false claims and liability.


Fleets run best with GPS and Dash Cam technology

The advantages of using GPS technology are pretty clear - The added visibility into driver performance allows managers to optimize and improve fleet utilization.

Yet with all of the data we get, there are still questions left unanswered. What led to that speeding or harsh breaking event? What was the driver doing while the vehicle was idling too long? Or worse still - How do I prove my driver wasn't at fault in that accident?

Linxup's new fleet dash cams fill these gaps and more.

Dash Cam and GPS

Video evidence to exonerate drivers and reduce false claims

24/7 theft prevention even when vehicles are parked

LED floodlights to deter break-ins when they happen

Dash Cam Easy Installation

Easy to Install and Operate.

Our fleet dash cam solution installs in 6 minutes with no permanent adhesive to damage windows. Other features include:

  • Fully integrated with your new or existing Linxup GPS trackers.
  • Easy to securely install and remove with a windshield mount and suction cup.
  • Camera stores up to 66 hours of rolling alert-generated video footage. Clips and alerts are kept for 60 days.
  • Say "OK Presto" to capture preceding 10 seconds and the following 10 seconds of driving activity in one video clip.

How can Dash Cams Protect Your Business?

Hear from our customers:

"It's great to be able to track down a truck that's gone missing with a GPS device, but if we can scare thieves off - and capture them on video to share with police - that's even better."
"One of our best drivers was constantly texting while driving. We never would have known without the cameras, but were able to correct his actions and hopefully prevent an accident."
"Combining the safety of dash cams with the fuel savings and productivity benefits of GPS can save up to $2,981 a year per vehicle."

Dash Cam FAQs

Can I install it myself?

Yes! The Linxup dash cam installs in less than 6 minutes. In a recent contest, one of our employees installed it in under 40 seconds.

Does it come with mounting hardware?

Yes, including a variety of sizes to accommodate different windshield angles and dashboards.

How does the Linxup dash cam receive power?

Our dash cam receives power through the vehicle's OBD port.

Is there any calibration needed to get it to work?

Not at all. All of the features listed at right work out of the box - no calibration needed.

Do I have to purchase a monthly data plan from Linxup to use a Linxup dash cam?

Yes. Our dash cam integrates with our GPS tracking device, which requires a data plan.

Do you offer discounts for multiple units?

Yes we do! Contact us to discuss this discount.

Do I have to sign a contract?

A contract is not necessary to use our products and you can opt to use the device on a monthly basis. However, signing a two or three year contract qualifies customers for a discounted device (2-year contract) or free hardware (3-year contract) - meaning you only pay the monthly subscription price!

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