24 Hour Protection For Your Fleet

Whether driving or parked to improve safety and driver behavior. With our dash cam solution, you'll receive video or image alerts for:

  • Collisions
  • Nearby Movement
  • Breaking Glass
  • Harsh Braking

Linxup Dash Cam with Plug-In Car Tracking Device

mini track device


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Linxup Dash Cam

How It Works

With 4G LTE connectivity, videos instantly upload to the cloud and are available via mobile app or web browser.

  • 24/7 cameras capture and record events around your fleet even when engines are off.
  • Easily download or share videos to your insurance provider or the police.
  • Live View lets you see into trucks and commercial vehicles and communicate with drivers in real-time.
  • Monitor distracted driving behavior and improve safety programs with dual camera views tied to real-time GPS data.
  • LED spotlight deters theft when motion detected, protecting your fleet and everything inside 24 hours a day.
  • Pair video with existing GPS alerts for speeding, geofences, and more to reduce liability and make better fleet management decisions.

A Powerful Add-On to Linxup GPS Tracking

Linxup GPS vehicle tracking + Linxup dash camera = the best total fleet tracking dash cam solution on the market. The Linxup Dash Camera with GPS is designed to be fully integrated with a new or existing Linxup GPS vehicle tracker.

*Dash camera cannot be sold separately.

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Dash Cam and GPS
Dash Cam Easy Installation

Easy to Install and Operate.

Our fleet dash cam solution installs in 6 minutes with no permanent adhesive to damage windows. Other features include:

  • Fully integrated with your new or existing Linxup GPS trackers.
  • Easy to securely install and remove with a windshield mount and suction cup.
  • Camera stores up to 66 hours of rolling alert-generated video footage. Clips and alerts are kept for 60 days.
  • Say "OK Presto" to capture preceding 10 seconds and the following 10 seconds of driving activity in one video clip.